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BUY. Primobolan Depot. ( 1 amp/box )

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Name: Primabolan Depot
Generic name: Metenolon Enantat
Manufacturer: Bayer Schering Pharma
Contents: 100mg/1 amp per box
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Primobolan is an anabolic steroid also known as methenolone acetate in the tablet form, or as and injectable it is called Primobolan Depot, methenolone enanthate and has a certain following because of its comparative safety and low incidence of side effects. Some fans of Primobolan advocate using it as a bridge. The tablet form of Primobolan has a very short half-life of two to three days before the liver completely obliterates it and like other oral steroids must be taken daily. Some people consider it a must have drug for pre-contest routines. On the other side of the coin, it is not as powerful or fast acting as some of the other anabolic steroids but does have its place in a steroid cycle according to many, but it is rarely in the bulk up cycle. Because Primobolan tablets are less common, when a user refers to "Primobolan" they more than likely mean Primobolan Depot, the injectable, and not the tablets.

Injectable Primobolan is usually recommended at doses of 400mg – 600 mg a week although it may be tempting to go with lower doses because of expense. Many people find that too low a dose simply doesn’t do the trick. Because of the long enanthate ester used in Primobolan, the effects manifest more slowly. Speculation is that those who have tried Primobolan Depot or Primobolan tablet and been disappointed have not used enough of the drug over a long enough period of time or have tried to use it for the wrong purposes. Primobolan injectable has been compared to the old Masteron anabolic steroid, but usually takes 12 weeks to really kick in. Often Primobolan is chosen for its anti-catabolic effects.

Primobolan the tablet as opposed to the Primobolan Depot is an oral anabolic steroid with some unique characteristics. First, it is a non-17-alpha-alkylated oral steroid. 17 alpha alkylated makes it possible for some oral steroids to survive at least for a day or so when passed through the liver. The side effect though to 17 alpha alkylated is that it can be liver toxic, and many steroid users have suffered from this. Primobolan tablets are still bio-available and do relatively little liver damage because they are non-17-alpha-alkylated. This makes it attractive to many steroid users. Tablets have a short half-life and usually are taken in daily doses. Primobolan is also one of the few anabolic steroids that are relatively safe for women’s use.

Perhaps the most complaints from body builders who have tried Primobolan are that it is a relatively expensive anabolic steroid and that if they try to use it for a bulking cycle it can’t do the job alone. However because it is known for putting on permanent muscle mass over a longer period of time it can be an effective addition to pre-contest routines.

It is advisable that individuals who plan to purchase Primobolan, do so from a known manufacturer rather than attempting to play the "is it a real or fake steroid game”. Primobolan can be effective when used at the correct doses and for the correct purposes.

BUY. Primobolan Depot. ( 1 amp/box )

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